You may require Planning Permission and Building Regulation Approval. We are able to give information on obtaining the relevent permissions and this may be the first step to deciding which route to follow to improve or build your existing or new home.

The most common are loft, basement or garage conversion to give added living space. This type of work is becoming more popular, but suitability of the existing space for conversion should be investigated fully as these areas may need to be waterproofed, ventilated properly and upgraded to current Building Regulation. Planning permission may also need to be sought.

This route is the best solution should you simply need to change your living accommodation rather than providing extra living space. This could involve knocking down internal walls, dividing rooms, installing en-suite faclities or downstairs cloakrooms. Planning permission would not be needed but if the structure of the building was involved, for example, removing load-bearing walls or re-routing drainage then Building Regulation approval would be required.



* Roofs
* Guttering
* Brickwork